What is this song? Best ways to identify a song

How many times has it happened to you that you want to listen to a song you heard days back, but can’t remember its name? Well, this happens to me all the time, but gone are the days, when we used to call our friends, and hum the tone to ask for their help in finding the song. With technological advancement, we can find anything and everything with one click of the mouse. Next time, the question ‘what is this song?’ haunts you, just use these below-mentioned awesome websites and apps to identify a song instantly. 

What is this song? Best tools to identify songs

1. Download Shazam

The next time you want to know ‘what is this song?’, go to Shazam. It is one of the best apps to find a song. It is one of the best song identifier apps and was created by Shazam Entertainment Limited. It has been owned by Apple Inc. since 2018. It can easily identify songs, TV shows, advertising, and movies, and is available on iPhone, Android, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac and Wear OS devices. 

Pros and cons of using Shazam:


1. It can find songs that are really hard to track. 

2. It identifies songs with one tap. 

3. It has high accuracy. 

4. Shazam is easy to use and navigate. 

5. It has an offline feature. 

6. You can get access to the search results on any device. 

7. It saves the history of songs you have queried about. 

8. You can play YouTube videos for the song. 


1. It doesn’t have voice command. 

2. It cannot identify the song with live tracks, singing, or humming. 

3. Once the app is deleted, you’ll lose the cookies and all the search queries you made on it. 

How to use the Shazam app?

It is easy to use the Shazam app, just go to Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the app from there. Once it is downloaded, it needs to be installed, and then you can use the app. 

2. Use Google Assistant

How do I get Google to identify a song? It’s simple – use Google Assistant. 

Google has various platforms that help in searching for a song. Google Assistant feature can be used on both iPhone and Android phones to help you answer the question ‘what is this song?’ All you need to do is take your phone, tap and hold the Home button or simply say “Hey Google.” and then ask “What this song is?” You can hum, whistle, or play a song, and Google Assistant will find the song instantly. 

You can use the feature not only to identify songs, but also for various other activities like scheduling alarms, asking any questions, searching the Internet, and so much more. 

Pros and cons of Google Assistant:


1. It gives fast results. 

2. It is backed by high-end Google technology. 

3. It works on both Android and iPhone. 


1. Unlike other song-identifier apps, Google Assistant doesn’t come with a lot of unique features. 

3. Use SoundHound

SoundHound is one of the most reputed song identification apps. It identifies the song at the tap of a button easily and conveniently. One of the best features of SoundHound is that it can search for a song that you hum. 

Another unique feature of this app is that it has a hands-free feature, meaning you don’t really need to touch your phone to know ‘what is this song?’. If you are cooking or doing any task, you can just say “Ok, SoundHound, what is this song?” and the app will identify the song instantly for you. 

Pros and Cons of SoundHound:


1. It can find a song that you are humming or singing

2. It has a hands-free feature

3. You can identify a song with one tap


1. It doesn’t identify the song accurately when you sing or hum a song. 

4. Use MusicID

Do you want to know the name of a new song or old song? Use MusicID and identify songs playing around you. It is one of the best music-identifier apps wherein you can find the song in a count of five seconds. It has innumerable songs in its database, along with some obscure songs. One of the awesome features of MusicID is that along with the songs, it also provides additional information about the artist and the song so that you can discover similar songs and enrich your taste in music. Also, you can find a song quickly with this app, so you don’t need to search on the Internet for hours, just go to MusicID and identify the song that you love with a single click. 

Pros and cons of MusicID:


1. It identifies the song in less than five seconds. 

2. It can search for a song by voice. 

3. You can also pull up music videos with this app. 


1. This app contains ads, so at times, the apps may annoy and irritate the users. 

5. Use MusixMatch

MusixMatch is one of the best apps to know ‘what is this song?’ It works on every smartphone and its advanced algorithm allows everyone to identify a song instantly. One of the best things about this app is that it is compatible with both iPhone and Android, and it also allows users to play the song as many times as they wish. 

Do you want to know the lyrics of a song as well? MusixMatch is a bit different from other apps as it also provides the lyrics of the song. 

Here’s a unique feature of this app: you can sing the song on your own by removing the musician’s voice. 

All in all, it is one of the best apps to search for a song. 

Pros and cons of MusixMatch


1. It is free of cost.

2. It identifies the song quickly. 

3. It provides the lyrics of the song so that you can sing along. 

4. It has a feature that allows you to sing the song, and strip the artist’s voice from the song. 


1. It is a heavy app, so it can consume a lot of data on the phone. 

2. It requires Internet access for collecting data and identifying the song. 

6. Use Genius

Just like the name, this app is genius and identifies the song quickly. It is regarded as one of the most accurate song-identifier apps available in the market. The users of its app say that they use the app because it is easy to use, provides quick service, and is trustworthy. Be it a song from a movie, or a song playing on a radio channel, Genius can find any song for you using its top-notch rubric. It doesn’t play ads or load up on your data. 

Pros and cons of Genius:


1. Along with identifying a song, it also shows lyrics so that you can sing along. 

2. It uses a high-advanced algorithm and programming. 

3. It identifies the song quickly. 

4. Genius is compatible with almost all famous streaming services for music. 

5. It has a database of all types of songs and can identify any song that you play for it. 

6. It is a trustworthy app. 


1. One cannot play music on this app. 

2. Children are advised to not use this app. 

3. It doesn’t have the feature to play music videos. 

7. Midomi

Midomi is an app that’s really popular amongst those who always ask others ‘what is this song?’ This app will have you record a song, and then deliver results from that recording. If you cannot find a song instantly on the app, don’t worry because you can look for it in the suggestions that the app sends back to you. 

This can be a lot of fun for you because with these suggestions, you can explore different songs of the same genre. 

One of the best features of the Midomi app is that it can identify a song that you are humming, so if you cannot recall the lyrics of a song, you can simply hum it, and find the song. 

What’s more, fun is that you can listen to the humming of other users of the same song and enjoy. Isn’t it fun to hear how others hum and sing? Sure, it is, and Midomi lets you do that!  

Midomi is also popular amongst its users because it allows users to pull up music videos, and purchase songs from iTunes. 

This is a must-have app as it identifies the song and includes some fun elements too, and that too for free! 

Pros and cons of Midomi:


1. The simple features of the app make it easy to use and navigate.

2. You don’t have to pay anything to use this app. 

3. Its advanced algorithm helps in finding old songs, new songs, and even the most obscure songs. 

4. Users can purchase songs on iTunes. 

5. It allows you to pull up music videos. 


1. As per the reviews of Midomi, it’s a known fact that it may miss a song sometimes. 

2. It’s also reported that if you are using this app without updating your software, then your iPhone can crash. 

So, next time you want to know ‘what is this song?’, use these apps and groove to the music. 

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