Saw X Releases Cryptic New Poster


  • Saw X, the latest installment in the franchise, is generating excitement among fans with its clever Rebus Puzzle game incorporated into the new poster.
  • Director Kevin Greutert aims to return to the harrowing traps and petrifying contraptions that made the original Saw films enthralling, bringing the narrative closer to a more realistic level.
  • Saw X takes a significant shift in point of view, focusing on Tobin Bell’s character, the Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer, providing an emotional journey from his perspective rather than the victims’, in a bid to appeal to a wider range of viewers.

In the world of gruesome horror and thrilling suspense, the Saw franchise stands tall with its ingenious traps and dark narrative. The latest installment in the series, Saw X, recently released more new posters, including a gory reminder of why fans love the franchise, and an Easter egg-laden poster that will have fans wanting to revisit some of Jigsaw’s greatest hits.

The Saw franchise has never been at its peak without Tobin Bell leading the way as the strangely justified Jigsaw killer, a villain who intricately weaves his killings into an attempt make people see the error of their ways. A reminder of his past works can be found, if you look closely, in one of the newly released posters for the tenth installment, which arrives at the end of the month.

Another pair of blood-soaked posters have been released in support of a blood donation blood drive, cleverly using the film’s love of the red stuff to promote the serious cause.

The previous poster showcased emoji-style images which, when decoded, spell out the phrase: “I. Heart [Love]. Saw.” This playful gag serves as a promotional tool to rekindle the excitement of the Saw movies returning to its original framework for this tenth film, following the subpar attempts to reboot the franchise with Jigsaw (2017) and Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021).

Saw X is placed chronologically between the events of Saw and Saw II, where Jigsaw, portrayed by Tobin Bell, embarks on a side quest filled with deadly traps while simultaneously constructing his master plan and grooming his followers. Director Kevin Greutert expressed to Empire Magazine that John Kramer (Jigsaw) is at the heart of this narrative. He added that the previous attempt to make a Saw film without Tobin was audacious, implying that it was a move that did not quite pay off.

Despite being an interquel, Saw X aims to return to the foundational elements that made the original films so enthralling: harrowing traps and escape scenarios involving more plausible and petrifying contraptions. Greutert noted that this installment brings the narrative closer to a more realistic level, perhaps not as simplistic as Saw, but close. He asserts that the film becomes more captivating as the audience finds common ground with a crafty engineer successfully creating traps.

Saw X Poster

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Saw X: A Journey into the Mind of Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw in Saw X

A significant shift in Saw X will be the story’s point of view (POV). Traditionally, the narrative unfolds from the perspective of the victims; however, this film will leverage Tobin Bell’s acting prowess by making his character, the Jigsaw Killer, John Kramer, the focal point. Greutert highlighted that Saw X is more of an emotional journey with John Kramer than a slaughterhouse experienced from the victims’ viewpoint. Although he accepts that this perspective may not align with all, he remains positive that it will find favor with a wider spectrum of viewers, not limited to gore aficionados.

This change is a gamble, especially considering the lackluster reception of Jigsaw and Spiral, which attempted to expand the Saw universe beyond Tobin Bell’s character. The same sentiment applies to Saw IV through Saw VII, which continued the narrative after John Kramer’s demise in Saw III.

Having edited the Saw films before directing Saw VI and Saw VII: The Final Chapter, Greutert missed the opportunity to work directly with the actual Jigsaw character. Therefore, Saw X represents not only a much-anticipated return for Greutert but also an opportunity for redemption from the latter Saw films.

Saw X is scheduled for release in theaters on September 29th.